Saturday blues

Monday, July 09, 2012

I spent my Saturday taking pre-tests...eeek!
Review starts again this week, but I'm not yet sure if I'll proceed on taking the review for July-August, because I have very reasonable points:
  1. It's not really practical.
  2. My mom's recovering from her mild stroke and now she needs a slave...get it? SLAVE!
....and 3. I want to make these 3 months in hell productive.

I honestly didn't prepare for the test, but it's a pre-test, right? Meaning it's a test of how much you have learned for the past 4-5 years. 1st area was mind-breaking, 2nd area was hard, 3rd area was okay, 4th area was out of this world, 5th area was scary, and the last/6th area was easy, well I was trying to make it easy because I was so excited to get out of the agonizing walls of AVR 1.

After that very difficult pre-test, my best friend texted me and asked me if we could meet up, so I went after her at the FTC tower. Then went to Swiss Deli to buy some French Bread for my mom and bought some dinner, then we headed home.

Voila! Best part of the evening ladies and gentlemen...

Me and K-anne ate our hearts out, sang our hearts out, and talked about a lot of things, and part of that was our WORST memories in high school. Damn! I HATE high school...get that? HATE as in capital H-A-T-E!
We were never popular and we were bullied, not may be a lot but we were. She even shared to me this one story that really made me wanna curse those bitches for laughing at my best friend.
But that night, she told me something that I will never forget...

"Me: Kay, people really do change, but we never did.
Her: We never changed, Kimmy. We only improved."

This friend of mine really inspired me a lot. She may be younger than me but I always have that feeling that she's a lot mature than me as a person.

Guys, this is reality.
There will always be haters.
But we must always learn to face criticism or else we will never survive in this monstrous society.
If you'll hear something negative about yourself, prove them wrong. The best revenge is happiness.

LOL I'm saying these wonderful words but I don't seem to apply them on my daily life. Well, I'm still learning though...*

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  1. yummy!!
    I really enjoy reading your blog ♥

    1. Thanks for following, Michael! Now following you back. :)



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