A trip to Jonathan's Cupcakery

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who does not love cupcakes? I swear, none of you does :p
I was on my home when I had a chance to pass by Arellano street and saw this little cupcake shop named Jonathan's Cupcakery.
Bought a box of 4 for Php 180.00

Photo courtesy of Jonathan's Cupcakery Facebook page

Last year, I got a chance to try their red velvet cupcake, which was not my actual favorite. The reason why I dropped by this store was to try their French Macarons.
At that time, their only available was their chocolate macarons. A bag of 4 is worth Php 100.00
They're really good, but too sweet for my taste. Via their Facebook account, I've heard they're adding more new flavors in their macarons and I can't wait to try!

But their cupcakes are so mouth-watering!
I bought, Peaches n' cream (upper left), Tiramisu (upper right), Chocolate surprise (lower left), and red velvet (lower right)

...and out of those 4, I love the PEACHES N'CREAM!
I'm so gonna go back for more!

Visit Jonathan's Cupcakery, located at Arellano street, Davao city.

'till next post! - k*

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  1. wow! sweets are my weakness. and just reading about macarons and cupcakes makes me crave now :D




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