Hollywood Burgers: A Taste of Hollywood in Davao

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hi guys!
So today we get to experience a taste of Hollywood here in Davao city.
We're so in the mood for burgers and we've decided to try Hollywood Burgers.
I love their menu! "The Script" :p
I have to say, I'm loving these chairs with names of Hollywood stars in it, like Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, and James Bond, and much much more.

Now, it's time for burgers!
I'm not a huge fan of them really because I don't like to eat these kinds of foods that are too messy to eat with, but I was so hungry I couldn't help myself.
Jack tried their Kevin Bacon Mush, the one with bacon and cheese on it, and to tell you the truth, it's really good! Plus, the patty is BIG! Can you imagine 120-150g of beef?

 Kay Co tried The L.A. Burger, no bacon on it, but it has cheese though and that A-1 steak sauce.

 That time, I wanted to have their Hollywood omelette, but I changed my mind and tried their Chef's Special: 
Burger with bacon, cheese, and jalapeno with regular fries and cherry sprite.
So awesome! Food-gasm I must say :p

 The cherry sprite. I love the fact that they're so original.

Gotta have vanilla milkshake. Those jalapenos are H-O-T!

Kay's really enjoying her burger :) but it's so huge, she wasn't able to finish it.

BBQ flavored fries

 I have to say they're definitely one my favorite burgers in the city as of now. A lot of burger shops had already opened here in the city, but I tell you, your expectations for a very good burger won't fail. The food on their menu is so price-worthy.

So better visit Hollywood Burgers, located at The Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao, beside Chicken Charlie.
I hope you find this post a helpful one. Enjoy Davao!

'till next post! - k*

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