On A Day Like This

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today is such a depressing day *sigh*
It's been long time since I've posted on my online diary. Well, since I've got the chance right now, then why not?

The word depressing. Too deep, eh? Depressing in a sense that this long weekend was filled with bad news. Manila was flooded...
A friend of my mom died...again and we always go to the funeral. I hate funerals, honestly.
Didn't enjoy Kadayawan that much.
My best friend's kinda depressed.
I got a low score on my area 2 exam. (I guess almost everybody did)...ugh! depressing!

This morning, my best friend shared her problem to me, and then I tweeted this quote below.

"Yeah, shit happens when you least expect it... Thinking it was all okay, but it wasn't"
I really wanted to comfort her with words, but the truth is, I really don't know what to say. Men are JERKS really. Whatever the news she received today was really depressing.

So, I did try my best not to make this day depressing by typing on my calculator these numbers: 5318008. And then you read them upside down, it says BOOBIES. LOL :P I learned that on The Big Bang Theory.
God! I love that show!

I'm really depressed and stressed, and how I wish I could eat my favorite Tocilog at Taps again. >.<

Anyways, enough with the word "depressing" already. 
I wanna know how was your long weekend. If it was depressing as mine or you had fun during the Kadayawan, or you had a movie marathon with friends.
I honestly don't want to post such emotional stuff on my blog, but I can't help it. I'm a GIRL :p and girls are pretty emotional. But what if guys tend to be emotional? I'm telling you girls you should definitely watch that out :p.

So, don't make any day a depressing day because life's too short to be depressed. Enjoy life! Listen to music. It might get you somewhere sweet!
Can you do me a favor guys and listen to this?

It's Jessica Lowndes' song "I wish I was gay"

well, you can always watch the video above.

Take care you guys and have a fun week ahead!
I'd really appreciate if you'll leave a comment below about your long weekend.
'till next post! - k*

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