Skins Series 6 Review

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm such a huge fan of Skins. Are you?
From series 1 up to the latest series, I have really witnessed the chaotic life of these teenagers from the very first up to the third generation of cast.

I know! Series 6 was aired last January this year and ended on March of 2012 on the UK. This series has 10 episodes, and so far it's the most dramatic series of Skins I've watched. I can never compare the series' storyline from the 2nd generation.

The series was like the continuation of the series 5. The gang had their summer at Morocco. It was almost like Rich and Grace's honeymoon with the gang. Once they arrived in Morocco, all of their plans went to a complete mess, not until they heard music one night and that's where it all started.

I'm not gonna tell the whole story okay because that will just take so long. :p

Anyways, on this party in Morocco, Franky met Luke. Actually at first I thought he was charming, but who would've known he'd be the guy messing up Franky's head? Franky was on this relationship with Matty by the end of series 5, but at the beginning of the 6th series, Franky wants to break up with Matty because she finds their relationship "boring" and that doesn't make sense to me at all.

While they were in Morocco, there was this stranger talking to Liv. Talking about how bad Luke is and he's into illegal things. While Liv was aware of Franky's safety, Matty, Liv, and Grace started to chase Luke's car (because Franky went with him), and then everything turned to hell when their car crashed and brought Grace into a critical state.

Of all of the cast, why does it have to be Grace?

Yes, Grace is the one who died in this series. She's my favorite on this generation and I really love the story of her and Rich on series 5. Every generation, I notice someone dies. First, Chris, then Freddie, and now, the sweetest girl in the cast. She died early on this series (episode 2), but she often appears to other episodes like she's a guardian angel.

There's a new character on this series and I'm loving the fact that he's GAY! Alex is so cute, but too bad he's got a thing for guys. On the third episode, his character was introduced and he turned out to be a very good friend of Liv's.

Anyways, there's a whole lot of interesting things that happened in this series. Like Mini's pregnancy and it turns out to be that the father is Alo. Liv was also terrified that she might have cancer because of her alcoholic lifestyle, but it seems it was just a nightmare, and Grace always looks out for her. Franky found out who her real mother is and she's willing to get her life back on track. Nic was also trying to be the perfect guy for Franky because he found out that his brother, Matty, was not good for Franky at all and he'll just break her heart in the end.

And Rich? Yeah, he's trying to move on. He actually was the one who said goodbye in this series.

Like what I just mentioned, this series was the most dramatic I've seen with Skins. Of all the series I've seen, this is indeed my favorite, even though they killed my favorite character, but that didn't disappoint me at all because she keeps on appearing in the series. The storyline was great. My favorite episodes are 3 (Alex), 5 (Mini), and 6 (Nic's). The most annoying part of this series was probably Franky and Luke's.

I'm really sad because this is the last series of the 3rd generation cast of Skins. This coming January 2013, rumors said that it's going to be the 7th and final series of Skins as they bring back cast from the 1st generation, such as Tony (Nicholas Hoult) and Anwar (Dev Patel) and 2nd generation, such as Effy (Kaya Scodelario) and Naomi (Lily Loveless).

I really do hope they'd bring back the 3rd generation cast because they'd just make the whole series bloody good :)

'till next post! - k*

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