Macaron Fever: Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi! I'm back again with another food post! I'm pretty sure you're gonna love this's all about your favorite Parisian dessert: the Macaron :)
When I was in HK, I got the chance to taste the macarons from two of the very popular dessert shops not only in HK, but also in Paris - Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier 

Ooh lala! I feel like I'm so in Paris when I tasted these sweets alright! 
Let's don't get too carried away shall we? Let's start off with Ladurée.
what really made this dessert shop so famous is that they're the very first macaron shop in Paris founded in 1862, and I'm so happy that they have an outlet in HK! But they only have one outlet in the city and it's located at Harbour city in TST (Tsim Sha Tsui). Take the entrance in Canton Road where the shop is a lot nearer.

This shop also sells chocolates and other French pastries.

Each macaron in Ladurée is worth HK$ 23.00 (Php 120.51).
Quite expensive eh? See that price of the box above? It's HK$ 650.00 (Php 3,405.69) for 24 pieces! 

 I didn't have the chance to go to Paris yet, so why not try the macarons now? LOL
I tried coffee, rose tea, and their best-seller, caramel with salted butter.
and I must say, the caramel with salted-butter was indeed delicious! Ah! my very first Parisian macaron, I almost felt like I could die when I tasted them. They really do melt in your mouth. Next time when I go back in Ladurée, I'll definitely try more, especially their raspberry and pistachio.

Now, let's move on to another shop, the Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolatier.

what's good about Jean-Paul Hévin is that they have three outlets in HK. One in Harbour city in TST, and two in Central. We visited the one in Lyndhurst Terrace in Central.
I'll give you an amazing trivia. Did you know that Jean-Paul Hévin can only be located in 5 countries? Of course, they are found in France, and in four countries here in Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

These macarons are a bit expensive than those in Ladurée. Each costs HK$ 25.00 (Php 130.99).

 They only have a few variety of flavors compared to Ladurée, but they sell a massive variety of chocolates in their shop and they have crepes too! Too bad I really didn't get the chance to try them. Hmm..maybe next time ;)

The Lyndhurst Terrace outlet has café on their upper level, where you can sit down and try more of their very delicious chocolate temptations.

...that's the menu! Take your pick!

hmm.. now time to taste!
I tried vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, praline, and their best-seller, pistachio
I must say what I love about the Jean-Paul Hévin macarons is that they are not so sweet and they have this crisp that I love about them. So far I'm loving the pistachio and raspberry a lot! I'm not really a huge fan of  the chocolate-flavored ones but they are also good. 

...and that's it for this post!
I hope this really motivated you guys to get on your feet and explore more of HK's delights. Who would've expected that such dessert shops exists in HK? They really do bring a bit of Paris in the southeast. 
They're so good and I'm sooo craving for some of it now! LOL :D

'till next post! - k*

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