Mr. Bing - Beijing Street Crepes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ni Hao! Here's another food trip post for you all.
Ever heard of the famous Beijing street crepes? They are also known as 'jianbing' or Chinese breakfast crepes. It's one of China's favorite street foods of all time, and I'm glad that they're bringing this popular local delicacy in HK.

There's this small place somewhere in Central, and I can see a lot of people down there and they all look like enjoying these freshly made sandwiches. Turns out they're not serving sandwiches after all, instead they serve crepes!...and that's what made me curious.
Mr. Bing just recently opened last December 2012 and they are not really that known to so many locals yet! Tsk!(Lucky for me, I stayed in Central haha :p). Well, I can see tourists from all over the world who are also curious, like me, eating these famous street crepes.

The place is actually small, so it's best of you just get the food for a take-out.

let's see...hmm...what to eat???
As you can see they have a variety of jianbings in their menu. They have the Savory Jianbings (Original jianbing, Pecking Duck bing, Char siu bing, and Shanghai bing) and the Sweet Jianbings (HK Cha Chaan bing and Singa-bing).
You could also choose the flour of your crepe, either green bean (standard), purple rice, millet, or buckwheat.

So I ordered the Original Jianbing worth HK$ 30.00 (Php 157.18)

The Original Jianbing is composed of the green bean flour, filled with their 'house sauce', chili paste, tofu sauce, cilantro, black sesame, leek, and egg crisp. This is actually the traditional one. very first jianbing!
So far, I'm lovin' it! I'm a huge fan of crepes but I never get to taste something like this before. Actually great for a first-time.
I also get to try one of their sweet jianbings since I never get contented to try just one from their menu of course! I tried the HK Cha Chaan bing, made with purple rice flour and filled with peanut butter condensed milk, and egg crisp. 

*sighs* when I get back here, I'd definitely try the Pecking duck bing or the Char Siu bing! HAHAHA! *evil laugh*

So when you walk in the streets of Central, make sure you visit and try these authentic jianbings from Mr. Bing. They are located at G/F 83 Wellington street, Central, HK (entrance on Cochrane street, under the escalator)
You can also visit their Facebook page for more details and updates.

'till next post! - k*

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