My Visit at the Ah Meow Cafe

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hi Guys! I'm so back with so many posts for all of you about my trip to HK and Macau, but first let me tell you about something that really made me excited the whole time I've been there. I didn't know that such cafe exists in HK, for I know cat cafes only exist in Japan. But according to uncle Google, there's this small cat cafe located in Causeway Bay.
I'm not really sure of the cat cafe's name since it's all written in Chinese, but I believe it is also known as "Cat Store" in English. 
even the menu has a kitteh on it! so kawaii!

hmm...can't wait to take a look of the sumptuous desserts

..and I've finally got the chance to meet some of the very cute fluffy kittehs!!!
this cat has been sleeping the whole time I've been there...but still it's so cute!

I find this snobbish kitty so funny and playful.

whoa! Almost look like my cat Yuki, but this one is bigger! and fluffy :D

I also tried some of the cafe's dishes. I wouldn't wanna miss this chance to sit with them, who would even resist that?

what I have here is from the lunch menu which is available from 12 nn- 2 PM. It's their Penne with Chicken meat in tomato sauce for HK$ 45.00 (Php 235.78), and it also comes with a free drink and I chose the milk tea.

I didn't also miss this chance to try their creme brulee (HK$ 35.00/Php 183.38)

they also have these chocolates that shaped like a cat, I believe it's HK$2.00 (Php 10.48) each.

...and also these cute cakes.

they also have these very cute souvenirs, but I'm not sure if this one in display is for sale, but below this display they have shirts that are for sale. Sorry, didn't ask how much the shirt costs :p

...and that's all for this visit. 
I was hoping that I could come back but I guess time was running short since I was busy the whole time I was there. But hopefully, if I can comeback to HK again, I would definitely go back in this cat cafe.

For more info about the cat cafe, you may visit their website:

Visit this cat cafe in HK when you have some time, they are located at 3D Po Ming Bldg., Foo Ming street, Causeway Bay. For instructions, click here

...and that's all for this post. Hope you find this post helpful for you guys if ever you plan to visit HK soon. Strictly, this cafe is for cat lovers only! :p

'till next post! - k*

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