Macau Food-scapade: Pizzeria Toscana

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's up everybody? I suddenly missed blogging. Sorry if I haven't been updating my blogposts lately...blame my job! Yes guys, I finally have my job as a hospital pharmacist! Well, enough chit chat now because I've prepared another food posts for y'all.
I'm not finished with my HK and Macau food-scapades yet, so here's one that I'm sure you'll love! Who can resist Italian food anyway? I'm sure I can't!

Pizzeria Toscana is known to be Macau's authentic Italian food destination in the city. 

The restaurant's atmosphere is so Italian! Their decor is simple and warm, with wine barrels and signed photos of the restaurant's famous patrons, adorning the walls.

hmm...can't wait to taste their sumptuous food! I'm so glad that my cousin and her husband brought us here and gave us the chance to taste their bestsellers.

Familiar? Italy is famous for their Sangria. It's this wine punch mixed with chopped fruit, such as lemon and apples.

On the left, my cousin ordered margherita pizza for the kids, and on the right, their famous antipasto. 

I know the Carbonara looks weird because the egg was cooked well, but this tastes really good! Two thumbs up for that!

This one is also popular in the resto. It's Risotto with squid ink. They also have the pasta with squid ink, but my cousin preferred this one instead. Truth is, I don't really eat this stuff because...

...I don't like squid! I hate the stinking smell of it really! But hey! The experience will not be complete if I haven't tried, right? So, I was brave enough to taste it, and I must say, it's one of those resto's must-try dishes. Surprisingly it's sweet, but I won't recommend this one as a date food. HAHA!

I don't really get this at first, but the Italians drink a shot of some alcoholic drink after they eat. In my case, I had a shot of Limoncello. Served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo.

...and last but definitely not the least - dessert! The profiterole, or also known as cream puff, is oh so good! I feel like I could die just right after dinner. The chocolate is not that sweet, just enough to balance my taste buds right after the very delicious dinner.
Actually, the locals love to go here because of the great food and reasonable price, with a budget of MOP/HK$ 100-250 (Php 510.00-1,275.00), you can get a decent dinner.

aaah! And that's all for this food post.
I hope you'd get to visit Pizzeria Toscana Restaurante when you visit Macau.

Located at G/F 2A Calcada da Barra, Sao Laurenco, R/C Macau.
Phone: 2896 3145/ 2872 6637

'till next post! - k*

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