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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hi guys! I know it's been a very long time since I haven't blogged anything. It's been what? almost 2 years!
I've been very busy with work lately and haven't got that much time to blog. But anyway, I'll try my best to update this life blog of mine from time to time.

So, let's move on... To be honest I'm currently obsessed with this Japanese rock band 'One OK Rock'.
from L-R: Tomoya (drums), Toru (guitar), Taka (vocals), and Ryota (bass)

Truly, I'm starting to regret about the fact why I discovered them just recently (this band is already 10 years in the business! fufu T.T) when I've already watched the "Rurouni Kenshin" film last 2012. They were the ones who sang the OST for that movie, and yeah I've already heard about them like 3 years ago, but now, after I heard their song 'Heartache', I got hooked like I don't know any bands aside from them...kinda overrated huh? Just joking!

In this blog post, I'm not gonna talk about their whole discography, okay? If you're interested, you can search them in Google or in Youtube so that you can check out their MVs and other live performances, or you can also visit their website (click here ).
What I'm gonna share to you guys are my simple thoughts about this awesome band that I'm currently into right now. So, here it goes...

Thanks to Takeru Sato, I'm in love with this band. Just right after I watched "Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends", the song 'Heartache' was played during the credits. I researched about the band via Google the very next day, and started to watch their videos in Youtube. The very first video I watched from OOR is 'Clock Strikes', the live version...and there it begins - MY OBSESSION!

I know the word obsessed is really negative for some, but I bet I'm just like any OOR fan out there, being obsessed about this band is NOT a bad thing after all! 
So there I was, listening and watching the video and I don't wanna move. Like I don't wanna miss a single second of the song. I was deeply moved by Taka's voice and the way he performs and the way he connects with the audience is just different. The sound of Toru's guitar is just amazing, and I really think Ryota's bass is sexy, and the way Tomoya plays the drums is really energetic and powerful. OOR's chemistry is different compared from the other bands that I've watched and listened to. During my adolescence, I always listen to alternative, pop-rock, mainstream, alt-rock, post-hardcore, punk and whatever genre that relates to rock. But now, I'm almost in my mid-20's and rock music is fading, because in this generation a lot of people, whether teenagers or adults, listen to a lot of trashy songs. Real artists nowadays are really hard to find, and as for me, OOR is one of those very few real artists that are left in this generation.

After watching the live version of 'Clock Strikes', I couldn't stop watching their videos - from MVs to live performances to documentaries. And then, finally I got a copy of all of their songs and now my day is not complete if I don't listen to them! Their music is irresistible! 
Almost all of their songs are written and composed by their vocalist, Taka. He's really good in writing songs. Trust me, when you start on listening to their songs, the next thing you'll know you'll be singing in Japanese, since most of their songs are in "Japlish" (Japanese/English). His English is really good and probably that's one of the reasons why they rise to fame not only in Asia, but also in America and Europe.

OOR's full discography album covers: albums and singles

So now, I'm just gonna share to you guys my top picks from OOR.

If I were to rate all of their albums from what I like most to the least, it would be:

My top fave album is Jinsei x Boku = (2013). I get a lot of feedback from my fellow OOR fans that this album is mainstream, which for me I really don't think so, This album according to OOR is really special for them since they really tried to portray much more of themselves in this album. I really love all of the songs in this album. My top tracks would include The Beginning, Deeper Deeper, Juvenile, Clock Strikes, Be The Light, and All Mine. 

Niche Syndrome (L); Zankyo Reference (R)

Top 2 on my list is both Niche Syndrome(2010) and Zankyo Reference(2011). Must-listen tracks in Niche Syndrome would be: Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer ('Perfect Sense' Dreamer), Liar, Wherever You Are, Riot!!, and Nobody's Home. And from the Zankyo Reference album would be: Answer is near, NO SCARED, C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h., Re:make, Pierce, Let's Take it Someday, and Kimishidai Ressha (Your own train).

3rd on my list is their latest album which was release last February of this year, 3xxxv5. My top tracks would include: Cry Out, Mighty Long Fall, Heartache, Memories, Decision, Good Goodbye, and Fight the night.

4th on my list is OOR's very first album, Zeitakubyou (2007). The tracks in this album are really raw, and they're really good. Listening to their tracks on this album made me regret big time for not discovering them earlier. Must-listen tracks are: Naihi shinsho (I keep it inside), yume yume (Dream), Kagerou (Heat Haze), Yokubou ni michita seinendan (Youth full of desire), and Etcetera. 

Top 5 is Kanjou Effect (2008). It's not that I don't like this album, I just happen not to listen really much from this album. But I have a few faves such as Kaimu (Nothingness), Living Dolls, and My Sweet Baby.

Don't worry guys 'cause if you really find this band interesting, I'm gonna post a detailed review on each of their album very soon :)

So, like I said I watched some of their live performances online, including the Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium last 2014. I so want a DVD copy of this haha. It's going to be on sale on April 29th but you can pre-order as early as NOW!

This is my fave live of them so far. Taka is sooo handsome!!! *fangirl scream*

Too bad OOR is not really well-known here in the Philippines. That's probably one of the reasons why they haven't been here yet. They have been to different places all around the world but not yet here! How I wish that I could see this band perform live! ...or maybe not just that, maybe share the same stage with this band one day... *dreaming here* haha
Anyways, I learned that being a fanatic on this rock band gave my life a dash of color. So from here on, I decided to follow this band for the rest of my life. Who says I'm too old for rock music? Nobody's too old to be a ONE OK ROCKer.

'till next post! - k*

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  1. I feeL you! I Listened to their song everyday when I just got acquinted to them, and stiLL cry whenever I hear Chaosmyth.. and don't worry about being 'too Late', I'm in my Late 20s ^^
    But reaLLy, OOR is not reaLLy weLL-known in The Philippines? I get the impression that their fanbase in PH is bigger than anywhere in South East Asia, incLuding Indonesia.

    1. hi amadl! yeah.. they are not that well-known here in the Philippines... because if they are, they should've had a concert here already and their songs should be played in local radio stations... tsk.

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