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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hi guys and fellow ONE OK ROCKers!
First of all, I want to thank you guys for checking out my reviews of the ONE OK ROCK albums. I have received some feedback from some other fans, and with that at least I can say that ONE OK ROCKers all over the world are very active, and I'm so happy with that. 

So for today's blogpost, I'm going to share to you my top 12 favorite songs from the band ONE OK ROCK. I know that in my previous post, I've mentioned there "top 10", but I can't just get enough of them! Plus, 12 is my favorite number.

All ONE OK ROCK songs are great (I guarantee that!), but you know as a fan, we all do have our own personal preferences, right? Again, this blogpost is just based on my own opinion and I don't intend to offend anyone with this post (...but if you're a die-hard fan, and you don't agree with my picks, forgive me, okay? T.T)

..and if you're a newbie, you can also make this top picks of mine as your guide, if you ever feel lost and you don't know which songs to listen first.

...and here are my Top 12 favorite songs of ONE OK ROCK!!!

(Click on the title to play. Enjoy listening!)

12.) "Notes'n'words" - This track was included on the band's single 'The Beginning'. The very first time I heard this one, I keep on asking myself "seriously, is this Taka singing?". It's a very sweet ballad from ONE OK ROCK. If you're a hopeless romantic, you'll really love this one. I really find it amazing that the band does enjoy doing some songs that are out of their comfort zone.

11.) "Yokubou ni michita seinendan" (欲望に満ちた青年団/trans: Youth full of desire) - From the album Zeitakubyou. For me, I just love the vibe of this song. You'll know why when you listen to it. I can never get enough of it! I've gotta say I have to blame the acoustic version of this song played during the Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium last 2014.

10.) "All Mine" - From the album Jinsei x Boku =. I have so many reasons why this song should be on my top 12 list. First of all is that I fell in love with the arrangement of the song. The piano, the violin, and the cello really stole my heart. Plus Taka's vocals is the best! I find this one very unique. Since ONE OK ROCK is known to be as a rock band, who would've thought that they would nail such pretty ballads?

9.)   "Wherever You Are" - From the album Niche Syndrome. I'm not just a romanticist, I'm a ONE OK ROCKer. Whatever the band is up to, I'll definitely give them my 1000% support in everything. This song is definitely a classic. I guess every ONE OK ROCKer, non-OORer, and newbie love this song! It's a catchy song and also a sweet rock ballad that will melt the hearts of people.

8.)   "The Beginning" - This list would not be complete if I don't include this one. Just joking! 'The Beginning' is definitely one of my faves, and it'll always be. The very first time I heard this one was 3 years ago, and ever since that day, I actually thought that this band is very cool, even though I'm still not a die-hard fan of theirs at that time. 

7.)   "Deeper Deeper" - Oh how I would really love to see them perform this song LIVE! I think it's going to be really fun. This song really makes me wanna dance with my head bangin' haha. 

6.)   "Juvenile" - From the album Jinsei x Boku =. The reason why I included this song is that I really love the lyrics. ONE OK ROCK never fails to encourage me to follow my dreams. It may be a rock song, but whatever! I love rock anyway. It's one of those ONE OK ROCK tracks written in English so that their fans from other parts of the world could understand the song. So, whenever you feel demotivated, you have to listen to this! 

5.)   "Kaimu" (皆無/trans: Nothingness) - From the album Kanjou Effect. The very first time I heard this one was on their Zankyo Reference Tour, and I have to say, by the way they write their songs, this band will really make it big. The lyrics may be in Japanese, but even if you don't understand the song, you'll definitely get hooked! This is one of the ONE OK ROCK songs that is beautifully written.

4.)   "Kimishidai Ressha" (キミシダイ列車/trans: Your own train) - From the album Zankyo Reference. I super love this song! It sure brings a positive outlook in life if ever you feel down, and that's why this song has to be on my top 4.

3.)   "Heartache" - From the album 35XXXV. Because of this song, I'm addicted to this band. Thank you very much, 'Heartache'! Don't worry, this song did not give me a heartache. The reason why I fell in love with the track was that Taka delivered it perfectly. When you listen to this, I'm sorry, but I guess you will really remember the person who broke your heart. 

2.)   "Clock Strikes" - From the album Jinsei x Boku =. Another song that made me fell in love more with ONE OK ROCK. The LIVE version just feels like you're out of this world. And the lyrics are really nice. Whenever I hear this one, I became really nostalgic about things. I guess that's one of the criteria that makes a great song, and 'Clock Strikes' is one of them.

                                                            ....and the no. 1 spot goes to....

1.)   "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" (完全感覚Dreamer/trans: Perfect Sense Dreamer) - All I can say is that, THIS IS THE BEST ONE OK ROCK SONG EVEEEEEEER!!!! Well, for me of course. I have heard all of their songs, including the collabs, but nothing beats ever 'Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer' for me. First, my heart beats for the intro, when Taka starts to sing, I'm instantly in my own world. Whenever I play this one, I can't seem to stop! From the mp3 version, to the music video, to the live version, 'till I find myself watching a ONE OK ROCK live concert all over again. Trust me, it's addicting.  

...and that's it! I hope I did justice with this post. I was just sharing my own list of favorite tracks of ONE OK ROCK to you guys, and I hope you liked it.

To my fellow ONE OK ROCKers, what are your favorite songs from this band?! Let me know through your comments below.

So guys, I really really really do hope you enjoy this post of mine. If you want to share this to people who wanna listen to something new or who are interested on listening to ONE OK ROCK, please do so  :) I might be busy for the next few weeks or months, so I guess I won't be blogging much again *sighs*, but...


'till next post! - k*

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