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Hi everyone! Here's another post related to one of the best rock albums in history - ONE OK ROCK's Niche Syndrome.

This is the 4th full-length studio album of ONE OK ROCK released last June 9, 2010. 
This album was made after Alex Onizawa left the band. After such controversy, the band never gave up and they decided to keep their music going even though there were only four of them left. 

Niche Syndrome is definitely top 2 on my list, along with Zankyo Reference. I have my very own personal favorites in this album which I know most OOR fans loved too.

The Tracks:

  1. Introduction - So this was definitely new. I'm sure the band really thought hard about making an introduction for their album since they were only four of them left. It seemed like they were reborn or something. And this intro was perfect for the next track.
  2. Never Let This Go - An angry Taka will welcome you with "WE HAVE TO CARRY ON!!! WE HAVE TO MAKE IT FOR US!!!". I'm definitely proud with this track. This is a treat not only to the Japanese fans, but also for the non-Japanese fans because the whole song's in English. With this song, you can really tell that OOR really took their music into a whole new level.
  3. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚 Dreamer) - This!...This!...THIS!!! I have listened to all OOR songs but nothing will ever compare to this song! The very first time I heard this one, I find the intro very catchy. There's a bit of a history in this song according to some sources, and whenever I hear this one, I can really feel the band's effort in continuing their music. The emotion, the melody, the lyrics, the music, and everything on it is perfection. Most of the lyrics are in English also and I guess they really put a lot of effort on that just to relate to fans all over the world, because this song is all about taking the dream. The words "This is my own judgement! Got nothing to say!" is just - umm...a lot! 
  4. Konzatsu Communication (混雑コミュニケーション) - Like a high school rebel. That's the best way to describe this track. And whenever I hear this, that's all on my mind haha!
  5. Yes I Am - I like this track. The tune is very cheerful, but kinda like an anthem, and cheesy, especially on the chorus: "Say my name, I'm gonna take my chance to change your heart.." 
  6. Shake It Down - Not a fan of this track really. But it's an upbeat track which makes OOR so irresistible.
  7. Jibun Rock (じぶんROCK) - This song is one of their popular tracks in this album, but not really one of my favorites. Anyways, the musicality is really good with this track. Kinda like OOR's own version of rock.
  8. Liar - The whole song's about expressing your anger and hate about that certain person who lies to you. I really like this track. Gotta keep those heads bangin' while listening to this.
  9. Wherever You Are - This album's ballad. A classic to all OOR fans. This one's really popular to non-Japanese fans because it's about 3/4 of the song is in English. It will definitely give you an LSS. Taka really knows how to move people's hearts through his lyrics. I really find this one very touching, romantic, and sweet. A must-played song on a wedding, after all this song was written for Taka's friend who was about to get married at that time.
  10. Riot!!! - Riot!? Isn't that an album of Paramore? LOL XD I'm also a die-hard Parawhore haha! This track will really make you get up and dance. The song's almost an English track of the album. The pre-chorus parts are in Japanese. Riot!!! is one of my faves and it did kinda remind me a bit of Paramore.  
  11. Adult Suit (アダルトスーツ) - I'm not really a fan of this song, but whenever I hear this one I always find myself singing to the lyrics to the point of giving me an LSS.
  12. Mikansei Kokyokyoku (未完成交響曲) - A pure Japanese track of this album. The title is translated as Incomplete Symphony. It's a song about life living it to the fullest everyday and that's what I really like about it. This is one of the album's must-listen tracks.
  13. Nobody's Home - This song's very personal to Taka, but it seems like a lot of the band's fans can relate to it. The very first time I heard this one was kinda embarrassing gaaaaah. I was riding a jeepney that time, but as I listen to the track I can really feel the emotion and that almost made me brought to tears, but I realized that I have to pull myself together haha! I know most people would call it overreacting, but whatever! XD
From the MV 'Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer'

Overall: 9/10. This album is indeed my second favorite. For me, this album really made ONE OK ROCK very popular on the Japanese Rock music scene, especially with their song 'Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer'. Based from what I've read all over the internet, it was that song that really made them a one-hit-wonder. 

...and that's it for this post! It might be a bit late because it has been 5 years since Niche Syndrome was released. But this post is not solely intended for the die-hard fans of the band, but also for those who find ONE OK ROCK interesting. So, if you ever find them interesting, gotta listen to these tracks like...NOW!

stay tuned for more reviews of ONE OK ROCK albums!

'till next post! - k*

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