ONE OK ROCK's 35XXXV Deluxe Edition REVIEW

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hey there my fellow OORers!!! Today I'm sharing to you my thoughts about ONE OK ROCK's latest album which is the 35XXXV Deluxe Edition.

Released last September 25, 2015, the most-awaited US debut album of ONE OK ROCK under Warner Bros. was selling like crazy! Fans of the band all over the world rushed thru the stores and instantly bought hard copies of the CD, while some just purchased the album via iTunes, and some fans, like me, pre-ordered the CD via online thru CDJapan (because records stores don't sell them here in the Philippines even though this album was already under WB T^T).

Anyways, so what's with this album? The 35XXXV Deluxe Edition still covers the same songs from 35XXXV, but all of the tracks are in English. Plus they added two (2) new tracks that were not included on the previous album, entitled "Last Dance" and "The Way Back".

The Tracks:
  • 35XXXV
  • Take Me To The Top
  • Cry Out 
  • Suddenly
  • Mighty Long Fall
  • Heartache
  • Memories
  • Decision (feat. Tyler Carter of ISSUES)
  • Paper Planes (feat. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens)
  • Good Goodbye
  • One By One
  • Stuck In The Middle
  • Fight The Night
  • Last Dance
  • The Way Back

So, what are my thoughts about this new album?
Hmm...I must say, ONE OK ROCK did a very smart move on this one. To be honest I'm really proud of them. It's true that the 35XXXV is not really my favorite album from them, but when they released the deluxe edition, I totally understand why. 

From my previous post, I did mention there that it was "too Americanized", but that is if I was not open to the changes the band makes. But when the deluxe edition was out and finally was able listen to the English tracks, the songs did fit for the American taste. 

Yes, I get it! The band really does want to make it big in the US. Truly the 35XXXV was all about battling for their dream. I remember watching one of their live concerts, (I think that was the 'Zankyo Reference' tour) Taka did say there that their goal is to be the best band ever and they want everyone in this world to hear the wonderful music ONE OK ROCK makes. 

Awww..I couldn't be more happier for them.

I have to say, I have a few faves from the deluxe edition, and that's:
  • Cry Out - Okay, when I first heard 'Cry Out', the song did sound better when all of the lyrics are in English! Well, for me though.
  • Heartache - The Japanese version made me shed tears, but the English version just breaks my heart everytime I hear it.
  • Decision - it was totally a solid duet.
  • Last Dance - Trivia: Taka did mention in one of his interviews that this was a prom-inspired song.
  • The Way Back - They did explore their sounds in this song and that's the main reason why I love it, and also this track kinda reminded me a bit of Paramore. 
...and those are my thoughts about the 35XXXV Deluxe Edition of ONE OK ROCK. If you want to check out my review of their previous album '35XXXV', you may click here :)

You may also listen to 35XXXV Deluxe Edition for FREE via online streaming! Click here \m/
photo from @10969taka's IG

So that's it guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this one ;)

Damn! I can't wait to see these guys LIVE soon!

'till next post! - k*

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  1. I love the English version of "Cry Out" probably even love it more than the original version haha, there's this part "I love...the feeling" that got my attention. The changes they made in it is just perfection like it's a whole new song but the feels are still there >///<

    On the other hand, I don't appreciate much the English version of Heartache it doesn't feel right well basically because I grew accustomed to the original that my impression to it keeps sticking to the new one leaving me disappointed for it doesn't fit my taste/meet my expectation. To put it simply, the emotions that the Japanese lyrics brings was no longer in the English one, at least that's what I thought.

    Nevertheless, you're right we should be open for a change especially if it's for the band's greater good all in all 35xxxv Deluxe Edition is like a breath of fresh air, totally eargasm!

    1. I agree with you on 'Cry Out'! The very first time I heard it, I was blown away :p And it's one of the songs of the 35xxxv Deluxe Edition that I'm really proud of.
      Anyway, thanks for droppin' by my blog ;)

  2. Im reading this very late,but i'm glad i found ur blog. Thanks for ur reviews, i agree with u on being open to change, esp if it's for the growth of the band n the realization of their dream. I havent heard the all English version of heartache yet.. ♡ ill click on ur post now:)



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