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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hi guys! 
Whoa! And now we're down to 28 days to go for the very first ONE OK ROCK concert here in the Philippines. So are you guys excited? I know I am :D
For today's post it's all about revenge...well, the good kind of way ;) Actually last October, my amazing friend Mei Manuel (owner of Autumn Sky X ONE OK ROCK), featured an interview of me as a fan of ONE OK ROCK on her blog. *To read my interview, click here.

Lately Mei has been featuring random fans on her blog for an interview about their love for ONE OK ROCK. Better check it out you guys. It's really interesting to read the fans' stories, and some lucky ones like me, got featured in Pulp magazine's December 2015 issue.

...and now it's my turn to interview the majestic Mei as a huge fan of this band. So here's how it went...
Kim: Where did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
Mei: Like many fans here in the country, I heard about OOR in the ending credits of the first Rurouni Kenshin movie.

Kim: I know that for every fan there's always that ONE song from this band that changed their life forever, so what song was that for you?
Mei: Hmmm. I cant say for certain as to what song got me. But I would definitely say its The Beginning since after that one song, that was it coz it could also be Mighty Long Fall or Heartache.
Kim: Wow! but how about your most favorite song from the band then?
Mei: Hmmm I have loads. Right now Im rallying between The Way Back japanese version and Juvenile.

Kim: Favorite member of the band and why?
Mei: Definitely Taka. There is just this aura on him that glues the band together. As he sings, you know its not just him making the music, its the entire band. Plus he is admittedly handsome.

Kim: Did their music moved you in a particular way as a person? 
Mei: Yes definitely. It gives you another niche to try out new things. As the lyrics of Juvenile go, "dont be shy whenever you want something. what you waiting for?"

Kim: So I'm gonna ask this to you, because to us fans the band merchandise is like the "Holy Grail" for us, right? So out of all the merch you have, which one's your favorite or the one that you are most proud of to have? 'coz mine would be that Toru shirt HAHAHAHA
Mei: I guess right now its the Vans X OOR shoes 'coz only a few could safely say we have it hahaha
Kim: wow lucky you! That shoes was designed by Taka also, right?
Mei: Yup! as you are aware, I sold my first pair but i did get another one. right now those shoes are worth 15000 yen so haha yes, its my holy grail at the moment.

Kim: Nice one! Okay, so next question, out of all the ONE OK ROCK albums released from Zeitakubyou up to the latest 35XXXV Deluxe Edition, which one is your favorite and why?
Mei: JinseiXBoku=. The raw emotions in that album is straight up. You know the band is in their next frontier and they are giving it all they have before they move to that frontier.

Kim: Well said with that one. And yes, jinseixboku= is my fave from them as well :) I'm done with all the fan questions, so let's move onto the most awaited event of 2016! How did you feel about when OOR announced that they will be having their concert at the Mall of Asia Arena this coming January 19th?
Mei: Elated! I have seen the fillers from P.O.O.R. and rumors that Amuse would be announcing something extraordinary sometime June. I originally wanted to watch them in Makuhari Messe last September, but I didnt go out of another thing. When it was finally confirmed, I thought it was a birthday gift fulfilled as the tickets would be sold a day before my birthday.

Kim: Now we're down to my final question, Mei. If you get to meet the guys from OOR in person, what would you like to say to them in person? Since I know we'd all be like speechless when that time comes *laughs*
Mei: After thanking them profusely, I'd say "Never let the criticisms get to you guys. Just keep making the music you know feels right and us fans will support you all the way. Don't stop and keep moving forward. But never forget to look back every once in a while when you need guidance. Rock Manila down hard and we hope you come back for more. From the bottom of my heart, I love you guys so much as your music brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged my limits"

Kim: Thank you mei...いい上です!

...and that's it!
I had a blast talking to her about our favorite band and it was indeed my pleasure to feature her on My Random Reality. 
Can you tell? Mei herself is super excited for ONE OK ROCK 2016 35XXXV Asia Live Tour.

'till next post! - k*

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