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Friday, April 15, 2016

Hi guys!
In my previous post, I did share there our cover of "Notes n' Words", which is actually one of my faves from ONE OK ROCK.
As March came, we came down to a decision that we should do a cover of "Pierce".

Why?...Because it's the total b-side of the lovey-dovey February month!

Imagine a scene like this: In February, you got all the courage to confess your love to that one special person, and because of the love-filled atmosphere, the two of you started going out together even though the answer wasn't clear yet for the both of you. Then March came - about time to know the real answer to that person's feelings. And just when you thought you'd get the answer that you've always wanted to hear, unfortunately things didn't work out that way :'(

Sad right? But yeah, it happens in real life bruh >.< Anyways, here's our video:

As usual our version is just piano, bass, and vocals (because Gia and Julius are STILL busy at that time).

Anyways, enjoy watching! 
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'till next post! - k*

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  1. Great to know a fellow One OK Rock fan! I've been to 4 of their concerts in the USA & actually got to meet Toru & Tomoya & took a photo with them when they were roaming around during the Warp Tour watching other bands. Also got their autograph during meet & greet. I really love their music & especially Taka's voice.

    1. Hi there, Lynn! Wow! Thanks for droppin' by... You're very lucky to meet them :) And it's great you've been to there concert 4 times already. I'm envy you a lot!

    2. You've got a great voice yourself, maybe they someday they will see you on YouTube!!

    3. I'm touched really. :)
      Thanks! And yeah I do wish that one too~



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