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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Hi everyone! Yes, to be honest I'm still hung up with ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila all this time. It's hard to move on from such memorable experience - EVER!
But did you wonder why this band made such big impact into my ever-boring-plain-black-and-white life? It's their music :) Their music gave a tinge of color in my monochrome world.

So with that, I made friends with such amazing people here in Davao city. So great, we even became BANDMATES. It's not that we're into fame or something, but simply the four of us really love ONE OK ROCK, that's why we clicked.

from left to right: Julius, Kurt, yours truly :)

Our story? Well, it's kinda long, but I'll just summarize it for you guys...
Last March 2015, I joined this Facebook Group called Philippines' ONE OK ROCKers or P.O.O.R. for short. I posted there "Is there anyone here from Davao city?", and to my surprise many people replied to my post. So there I met some new friends, including our drummer, Julius. Then by July of 2015, he introduced me to his friend who happens to like cosplaying a lot, Kurt, who now is our bassist). The last person I met was Gia, our guitarist. Julius and Kurt introduced me to her last August of 2015, and we became really close...(she's a bad-ass girl).

me and Gia
(taken last August 2015)

So as months passed, a lot has happened to the four of us but even though we're busy with our own stuff, there's one thing that keeps us intact and that's ONE OK ROCK's music. Last December 2015, me and Kurt talked about making covers of the band's songs and probably just post it online, and I did agree with him so as the rest of us. 
Then January 2016 came. Me, Kurt and Julius (Gia was busy with school stuff haha), gathered together for a jam session. I'mma share to you guys our very first video we made together as a band. This is ONE OK ROCK's "Wherever You Are"...

I get that we are still a long way from what you can call "Pros", but at least we managed to do this despite of all the hardships we've been through. We do love making music together, and I think that's a great thing for the four of us. Hey! We can still practice, right? It never hurts to practice, and doing this music thing with friends is such one hell of an experience in this life that I'll never trade.
..so that's it! We're are called SOMdream.

I'll blog more of our videos in a few days ;)

'till next post! - k*

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