The Three of Us with Good Goodbye

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

...and then there were three.

Hey guys!
Here's another ONE OK ROCK cover from my band, SOMdream. It's from their 35XXXV album, and the title is "Good Goodbye".

download the mp3 for free:

We tried stepping up our game this time by recording the song in a studio. It's a new experience for us as a band, but it's kinda sad because Julius and Gia is not with us in this video. We never thought it'd be tough. We learned a lot about recording and how it works in the studio and stuff. It's something that we will carry on for the rest of our lives, and if fate permits, we'd love to do it over and over again :)

We made an emo acoustic version. Just the cello, acoustic guitar and bass, and it's slower than the original one. The song was supposed to be about saying goodbye without regretting anything, but I think this version of ours is quite ironic. To be honest for me it's sounded like a sad break up song. I hope you'd still like it though ;)

By the way the video is currently linked to our Youtube channel. Yes that's right - SOMdream has a Youtube channel now!!! (click here to subscribe ^_^)
We're really inspired to make more videos, so hopefully you guys will support us from here on out. To be able to make this step is a challenge for us because to have an official Youtube channel is like we can finally be open to the international audience and not just the local audience that we're used to. We're 101% sure that we can't please everyone with our covers, but we promise to do our best in all of them. So please do spread the word - like, comment, subscribe, and share if you feel like it 'cause it would mean a lot to us :)
Thank you so much and enjoy listening!

'till next post! - k*

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