Your Existence

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

It is now 00:56 and as I listen to Taking Back Sunday's "Divine Intervention", all I can think about is this one particular day: tomorrow.

Wanna know why?

Because it has something to do with your existence.

First of all I want to thank you for everything.
I know this may sound weird, but have you ever asked this question to yourself: What if I never lived in this day and never existed in this world today? Would it be any different?

Well mister, let me answer that question for you :)

If you never lived and existed, I'd probably be lost and may never find my way back to my first love which is music. I keep on tracking back of everything and recalling each time how you, your band, and your music saved me so many times. So yes! Your existence does matter to me. I couldn't be more proud of what you have achieved so far through your music this past 11 years. You were able to gather fans from all around the world. There's Asia, Europe, America, and all of them are dreaming, wanting to go to Japan just to see you guys live on your special concerts just like what happened last September in Nagisaen. All of them made special bonds and friendships just because they love your band and your music, and I certainly think that's the best thing ever since I was able to experience exact same thing. Not only I get to discover such good music, but I also met a lot of interesting people along the way.

this birthday card I made for your birthday last year. I hope you got it though

So if you were not to exist, do you think your fans would experience the same thing as what they have now? In reality they could have, but it would be totally different you know. You see, your music moves hearts. The hearts of people who can't be touched in such empty promises. That's all I can feel through your craft, they're full of hope. I believe no other person in this earth can do that except for you, and that's why I am truly thankful for your existence.

"Where words fail, music speaks"
You hold on to those words right? Despite of the language barrier we have, I can easily understand everything in just a single strum that you do with your guitar.
My wish for you is that I hope you'd continue to do what you love most. I believe that you can reach more people of all ages and touch their hearts with your music. Whatever you're doing now is a beautiful thing and truly the highlight of my existence. Well not only mine, but for many of your fans. I also wish you good health, more cars, more success and more WINE! (though I do hope to share one with you someday)

Gosh it's already 2:21 here in my country and I have to crash.

Happy birthday Toru! You may or may not read this..but I do hope it'll still reach out to you so that you can know that this annoying fan here in Davao appreciates your existence.
Have a great one and enjoy this day with your friends and the boys of ONE OK ROCK, Ryota, Tomoya, and Taka.
I love you! 😘

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  1. beautifully written open-letter. I hope this would get to his attention~ :)



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