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Monday, March 06, 2017

Hey guys!
Last November, I did mention from my All About DYEing post that I change hair colors every three months, but this 2017 I made a vow to myself that I'll be more subtle when it comes to dyeing, and I think I just made the right decision to do so even if it breaks my heart. 💔

From late 2015 to 2016, I tried various hair colors that would express fully the fashionable side of me, but because of all the bleaching that has to be done, it caused a lot of damage to my hair. I did think long and hard about this and thank God L'Oreal released a line permanent hair dyes with a wide range of colors that would never go out of style.

L'Oreal Excellence Fashion in 5.62 Intense Violet Brown (Php 399 @ Watsons)

From browns to reds to blonde shades. Name it, they got it! I was torn between Ash Brown and Violet Brown, but the Violet brown was more of my taste since the color reminded me of merlot wine.
My dry blonde hair before dyeing

I didn't bleach my hair this time...YAY! My roots started to grow and it covers about 1/5 of my hair already, while the rest was still blonde. It seriously calls the attention for a hair emergency.

Letting it stay for 45 minutes

Result is 💜
It's not so clear on the photo but the black roots turned out to be a beautiful burgundy color, and the blonde part was a deep dark purple color.
Hair color result in low light

Overall: 10/10! 👍👍👍👍👍
I'm in looooooooooooooooooooooooooove with this color!
It still shows that changeable side of my personality. It's amazing how the color changes depends on the lighting. Some people say it's red, some would say it's purple or violet or wine color.

The L'Oreal hair dyes are known for their lasting power. I just hope that this beautiful shade would last longer than expected, and I might still choose intense violet brown for retouching my hair in the near future.

'till next post - k*

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