Visiting Backyard Burgers for the nth time

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hi! I'm finally back with another food trip post for y'all. I just noticed that burgers are on trend lately. They're literally popping out of nowhere. One of Davao city's pride is Backyard Burgers.

What made Backyard Burgers really special is that they're the only burger hub in Davao where you can customize your burger! How cool is that?

The choice depends on the customer with their wide variety of choices such as bacon, beef yakiniku, pickles, cheese and so much more!
..and you can also choose how do you want your burger cooked. I always go for WELL DONE ;)

This time I chose the BB Yard Burger and added some bacon with it. Yum!

Jack picked BB Yard Cheesy Steak Burger with Beef Yakiniku strips and Bacon

This is their Signature Burger. It's basically a double-patty burger with loads of filling

...and then my friend Ace went for that :p

I may not be a huge fan of burgers but there's something about Backyard Burgers that makes me want to crave for more! Must be their tasty patty? Or their sauce? LOL I don't know!
If ever you plan to visit Backyard Burger very soon, might I suggest you try their BB Yard Cheesy Bacon burger, and make sure you add more bacon with that!

When it comes to their serving, they're generous. And when I say generous, that means the price is equal to the size of the serving. Really worth of your money.
Price range? I'd say Php 130 - 250/person

So, if you want to complete you burger adventure in this city, visit Backyard Burgers, located at Door 4, Lim Bldg, Tulip Drive, Davao city, and they also have a branch within downtown, known as the BB central, located inside the Pard's Lot, Quirino ave., Davao city.

'till next post! - k*

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