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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hi guys :)
So today I'mma share to you this crazy thing I've been doing since last year:
*If you wanna read my previous post about my band SOMdream, just click here.

I know! People around me, especially the ones that are very close to me, call me crazy, useless, good-for-nothing b*tch every time I sing in front of the crowd, the camera, or even in front of my cat :p
Probably because I am not THAT good. I just really love to sing that's all XD

It all started last July of 2015 when one of my closest friends in the fandom, Kirst, convinced me to join the JPop singing contest. Well, deep inside I've always wanted to try, but I AM REALLY SHY. Her push somewhat gave me enough courage to sing in front of many people. Basically the only thing on my mind that time is the ONE OK ROCK fandom. I am super stoked to know if there are any people in the crowd who are familiar with the band that I love.
For the very first contest I attended was an impromptu one. I decided to go for "The Beginning" since it's the band's most popular song. I was surprised by the crowd's reaction 'cause some of them do know the lyrics of the song. "YAY! We're not alone!" - my exact thoughts as I was singing the song.

photo taken last July 11, 2015

There was no video of me singing that time, but whatever. All that mattered to me was the crowd's response. Got all giddy and overwhelmed because there were also fans of the band in that event. So after I sang, me and my friends left. Then that night, one of the organizers of Ambox sent me a message saying that I won. "Me? - Damn! SEEEEEEEERIOUSLY?!
So there goes that invitation. There was an upcoming cosplay event and then they asked me to sing again. The songs that I chose were of course from ONE OK ROCK. It's "Heartache", and the ever crowd favorite "The Beginning".

photo taken last July 26, 2015

...and that didn't stop there. By August, I joined another JPop singing contest and sang the song that changed my view in life forever - "Clock Strikes".

...and for the second time I won :)

 ...and the latest contest that I attended was one month after ONE OK ROCK in Manila. Yes! I did join that JPop singing contest last February 20 at the World Cosplay Summit in Davao.

me and the ever supportive fangirl-friend, Kirst
So for this time, I chose to sing my favorite ballad which is "Wherever You Are".

...and again I won - first place :)

The result of me joining singing contests plus the efforts of fandom friends reaching out to more fans did pull off. The ONE OK ROCK fanbase in Davao city did grow and we're currently having such fan meetings, and I think that's a very cool thing. For some people, they may think it's all dumb and stupid to do these things, but they'll never understand how the band's music touch, move, and inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. And it never fails to amaze me that they can save one person's bad day, or probably one's sh*tty life.

Spread the music.
Spread the love.

'till next post! - k*

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